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Whether you are a career coach, a skill trainer, or simply want to help young professionals launch their careers as a mentor, our system is here to support you every step of the way in monetizing your efforts.

Experience the Best of eLearning
With Oriental Career’s Platform + Gamification

Teach anyone Career Development and Skillup Courses from anywhere. Your best bet to create & sell awesome
courses – all in one place with all the tools you need to engage and delight your clients. Our gamification system increases engagement with point systems, energy allocations., ranks, achievements and more  

Frontend Drag-and-Drop Course Builder

Our platform boasts a top-of-the-line drag & drop system that effortlessly streamlines course creation. It’s expertly crafted to optimize your experience and harness the full power of cutting-edge eLearning technologies.

Lessons, Quiz, Assignments and Course Drips

Create compelling quizzes, assignments, lessons, Certificates, and more to create resourceful courses. Gain Control and Drip Lessons as you want

Social Resources for Mentorship and Community Support

Empower your students to fully engage in their learning experience by providing them with access to a multitude of resources, groups, social walls, forums, networking opportunities, and chat functions.

Stylish Course Detail & Listing

Built-in sleek designs offer multiple layouts to create striking course catalogs and details pages. Customize columns, filters, and more.

Personalized Dashboard
With all Tools

Access everything you need to manage your courses from an organized and personalized dashboard for tutors/coaches and students 

Access & Manage Everything From One Spot

Separate Dashboard for Students & Teachers

Easy to track performance and Guide

Sell workbooks, additional services without lifting a finger

Your Clients Access Other free services like jobs, support & Network

Templates, Free career Advice center, tap into other resources for student

Unlimited Quizzes

Create captivating quizzes with our versatile quiz maker that allows you to personalize quizzes by incorporating diverse question formats, setting time limits, and adding other exciting features.


Enhance the appeal of your Course & programs by effortlessly creating and evaluating assignments that enhance learners’ memory retention.

Mobile Learning & Engagement

Learners can access courses on their mobile devices anytime and anywhere and Engage with their peers without hinderance

Manage Your Events

Let students easily keep track of assignments. Schedule assignments set deadlines and keep students up to date with your  plans, live sessions etc.

Analytics and Engagement Reports

Gain valuable insights on student progress and course effectiveness through data analysis. Monitor individual performance to enhance learning outcomes.

Track Performance

Track the performance of students' and courses' progress to assess the effectiveness.

Earnings Statistics

Get an overview of your overall earning stats like total earnings, current balance, and more.

Social Engagement &
Community Tools

Our collection of community and social tools ensures a delightful learning experience for your students.

Create Unlimited Groups and Sub groups to manage Enrolement

Networking Opportunity for your students

Tap into our existing client base for opportunities

Run promotions and marketing campaigns

Schedule Live classes and one one one meetings

Keep Updated With Latest Happenings

Notifications & Updates

Keep your students in the loop with personalized & interactive notifications and enhance their overall experience.

Multi-Instructor and
Revenue Sharing

Money management is a breeze with Oriental Career. It allows multiple professionals to collaborate in running courses, flexible commission allocation, money management, and uninterrupted revenue sharing.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Make the checkout process as convenient as possible with the support of multiple payment methods.

Seamless Monetization

Enjoy seamless eCommerce experience with shops, selling templates and workbooks, merchs, to listing your appointments.

Earning and Commission

Easy and flexible commission allocation, money management, and uninterrupted revenue distribution between instructors and administrators.


A True Career Development For Your Students

We support your career center with all the tools you need to prepare your students for the world of work

Manage Class Size

Set the number of students that can enroll in a course. Provide more one-on-one interaction, hands-on activities, and a more focused approach tap into our resources

Track Engagement

Manage the academic level of your institution with the course pre-requisites. Measure students' preparedness before they can enroll in a course and meausre their progress

Control Access

Divide the academic year into various lengths of time by setting the expiration periods for courses. Easily manage how long students can access a course after enrollment.


Build and Expand Your Reach

Everyone has something to teach and can mentor. Let your passionate teaching reach a wider audience and earn income.

Tap into the Market with Ease

We make it super easy for you to make an impact by mentoring young professionals or selling your courses

Get Started Now

Whether you're a Mentor, career Coach or an individual instructor - Our platform will let you build and manage your impact with minimal effort.

Data-Driven Insights

Advanced data-driven insights, reports, and visualizations to easily track the performance of your courses and students.

Design Certificates Students
Will Love to Show Off!

Get a wide variety of customizable certificate templates or create one
easily with elements and content.

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