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The Bootcamp That Sets
You Apart in the Job Market

Our Intensive Career Bootcamp pulls out any last stops that are keeping your career from firing on all cylinders. It’s 6 Weeks of intensive training that helps you launch your Career in Grand style.  At the end of this Bootcamp, You will build a resilient mindset, an attractive personal brand, revamp your resume and cover letter, and acquire critical skills set you apart in the Job market. You also get an internship Placement with on-the-job mentoring and access a wider network of resources beyond your reach.

How Does The Career Bootcamp Work?



Get a Job

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Learn & Take Conrol

Learn from our top faculties selected from your favorite organizations. We put you behind your career driving seat with our top notch curricullum, training and exposure. As a participant, you will interact with likeminded participants from across the world

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Find Internships & Jobs

Gain real-world exposure through our partner companies in Asia, Europe and the US. Position yourself for real international experience in your preferred area. From Business, IT, Engineering and Social work, we got you covered. Convert Your internships into full time jobs.

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Contineous Support

Rely on our community of experts, coaches, mentors and resources to shoot your career beyond your imagination. Aside from the 6 weeks of intensive training, we organize monthly member-only training sessions featuring top experts from our network

Career Bootcamp Curriculum
( 6 Weeks Intensive)

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Claiming Your Dream (Week 1)

This Career Bootcamp is designed to pull out any last stops that are keeping your career from firing on all cylinders. We carefully examine how the pieces of your individual career puzzle fit together and offer the precise mentoring and support to seal the gaps. You will perfect your resume, Cover letter and LinkedIn profiles and develop the right mental fortitude to launch your career like a Pro!

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Squaring Your Skills (Week 2)

In a highly secure and safe environment, we help you close the relevant skill gaps. You have a full week to learn all the soft skills that will boost your productivity, confidence and communication within an international working environment. This week, you will also develop your elevator pitch, futuristic skills, develop your personal brand and career DNA in preparation for the weeks to come.

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Perfecting the Strategy (Week 3)

In Week 3, you will learn to forget about others' expectations for your career and focus entirely on keeping both hands firmly on the steering wheel. We give you the tools and show you the way to making your own luck in today's job market. 
You will: Design a career strategy, Interview skills and mock interview with coaches, plan your international career

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Top of Mind Stakes (week 4)

All bootcamp attendees receive a private consultation. Stay connected and maintain the energy-level and momentum. In Week 4, you will learn to Build your networking pipelines and strategies, learn to collect feedback from industry professionals, Render final elevator pitch, meeting with recruiters

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Taking the Ultimate Steps (week 5)

Attendees will have time to reflect, connect and define what steps are required. You can start with applying to internship opportunities on our platform, creating portfolio, Connecting with recruiters in your favourite destinations.

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6 Months Access to Oriental Career

Participants gain access to premium Oriental Career Platform for 6 months. This unique platform offers you access to our mentors, online courses from top universities designed to get you growing.

Launch Your Career in Grand Style

Do not leave your Career to Chance. Join a program that distinguish your profile and help you standout in the Job Market

What You Get From this Program

Step into the driver’s seat of your career and strap yourself in. We will hand you bonuses, perks, tools and resources you need to grow your career.

Essential Skills in Demand

You will acquire the right soft skills relevant to the future of work. We position you to standout and deliver

Personalized Career Development

When it comes to career, one size does not fit all. We therefore personalize the career journey to fit your unique story

Internships and Job Opportunities

We liaise with companies on all major continents to provide virtual internship opportunities and open full time positions

Access Connections outside of your Circle

Our participants access mentors, coaches, industry experts, peers and executives to enrich your social capital

Supportive Environment for Growth

We offer you support like you have never had before. Our Support staff and experts are always standing by to help at any stage

Deep Career Tools & Community

Our Tools are designed to help you go deeper without getting stack. All participants get 6 months of access to premium tools

Companies Recruiting Our Alumni


Top Career Opportunities

Digita Marketing

Want to break into digital marketing? We’ve got you covered. Our platform has vacancies to fit your needs

Data Scientists

We help you nail data science internship or full-time job with our partner companies 

Human Resources

Our Human resource opportunities offer you the skills you need to build a solid portfolio

Programming & IT

Programming, Blockchain, AI, Software Development etc are available too

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Lead Coach

Dr Cathryn LLOYD

Australia’s First Certified Creativity Coach (CCA). She is a creative professional helping Executives and businesses to design robust and flexible learning experiences to shift thinking, power innovation, gain new perspectives to create positive change, and Cultivate creativity, self-awareness, resilience, creative intelligence, and creative leadership.

Flexible Plans for Everyone

Regular Ticket

$ 799 Full Bootcamp Duration
  • Bootcamp Training
  • Coaching & Support
  • Internships & Jobs Database
  • 6 Months Access to our LMS
  • Member-only Group
  • Monthly Events
  • Job Search Templates
  • On Going Support

Early Bird

$ 599 Full Bootcamp Duration
  • Bootcamp Training
  • Coaching & Support
  • Internships & Jobs Database
  • 6 Months Access to our LMS
  • Member-only Group
  • Monthly Events
  • Job Search Templates
  • On Going Support
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Do Not Leave Your Career to Chance

Invest in your future and Launch Your career in grand style

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is delivered in English language only. At least participants must achieve fluency and able to write.

This bootcamp is meant for University student and final years, Fresh Graduates and career changers. Recent graduates, and young professionals who wish to launch their career.

This intensive bootcamp is to help you acquire relevant skills for the job market, launch your career in the best way and you get experts to guide you through the process.

Being career ready doesn’t necessarily mean you have a specific education or work background. One thing employers in every industry look for is job applicants with strong soft skills. Soft skills are the combination of communication, people, and leadership skills that enable someone to successfully navigate any work environment they’re in. These skills, like adaptability, can make it easier for employers to train new hires and find employees that can work well on their team.

Boot Camps are intensive, hands-on, project-based trainings. Boot Camps are for anyone who is interested in advancing or getting started in a high-demand tech field.

You will need to speak with our team to see why you were rejected before applying again. Sometimes its just an issue of timing

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