Sarah's Career Change Story


Sarah W., a professional with five years of experience in finance, approached us seeking assistance in transitioning to a career in sustainable investing.

Worked at Udemy from 2012-2015 as a Course Launch Coach & Growth Marketer


John was passionate about making a positive impact on the environment and society through his work. He desired to transition his finance skills into the field of sustainable investing, but he lacked the necessary knowledge and understanding of the industry.

We provided John with our Career Changer Consulting service, which included in-depth industry insights, skills assessment, strategic roadmap development, and networking strategies tailored to the sustainable investing sector.


Results & Outcomes

  • Successful Transition: John successfully transitioned into a role in sustainable investing, aligning his passion for finance with his desire for positive impact.
  • Salary Increase: Through our guidance and negotiation strategies, John secured a position with a salary increase of 25% compared to his previous role.
  • Expanded Network: John developed a strong network of professionals in the sustainable investing field, enabling him to gain valuable industry connections.
  • Skills Enhancement: Our skills assessment and tailored recommendations helped John bridge the gap in his knowledge and develop the necessary skills for his new career.

The Results and Outcomes


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