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Deano Delpleash Created The High-Performance leader Movement to help High-Impact Leaders achieve their highest level of performance ever and make their business dreams or as he likes to say Passion Project a reality. With his comprehensive guided resources, you’ll unearth renewed confidence and tactics to help your mind, body, and Passion thrive.

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Deano Delpleash

Your Career & Personal Growth Coach

Deano Delpleash is the Founder and creator of the High-Performance Leader Movement,

He is on a mission to make leadership sexy by helping 1 million High-Impact leaders achieve their highest level of performance in work and life while creating an exciting Passion Project.

He is an Entrepreneur, Storyteller, Neurolinguistic practitioner, and one of the world’s leading High-Performance coaches.

He received his Master’s degree from one of China’s top-ranking universities(Zhejiang University), majoring in Enterprise Management with a focus on Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and global leadership.

While that sounds amazing his most notable achievements is his First- degree black belt in Taekwondo and the network of leaders he had the opportunity to work within the game like Vince Del Monte (Founder of the 7 figure MasterMind), Brendon Burchard (Bestselling author and Founder of the High-Performance coaching institute) and Adrian Cahill(NLP Master Trainer and Founder of the Motivate community).

He initially started out as a part-time fitness coach at University leading a community of over 1000 students in the Spartanz family movement in China as an agent of change to living a healthier lifestyle. His goal ideally was to be a great speaker but since he was better at jumping and kicking so he use his fitness training as a front so that he can inspire the community with his then amateur speeches.

In 2020 he undergo his high-performance coaching training by the High-Performance coaching institute (HPX) which uses a coaching framework to model excellence from the world’s highest-performing leaders.

While modeling excellence is great knowing how to model anything is even better so he trained under Master NeuroLinguistic Practitioner trainer Adrian Cahill to become the first Certified NeuroLinguistic Practitioner in my family.

While everything that I just shared about Deano Delpleash sounds great, it wasn’t always this way and I know you are curious about how a small island boy got here.


Certified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Certified High-Performance Coach, NLP Master Practitioner (in Training), Positive Intelligence Coach, Masters Degree in Enterprise Management.


College/New Grads, Mid Career, Remote Job Seekers, Career Changers, Confidence, Coaching Women, Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups Tech, Leaders, Productivity Enhancements




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I got so much value working with Coach Oliver to design my International Career Strategy and finding job abroad.
Adam Sendler
After graduation, I quickly noticed, I cant figured i need help with Job search and the Oriental Career Team made it happen
Mila Kunis
I took 2 coaching session with Ryan, and I am impressed by the professionalism. I will recommend these coaches any day
Mike Sendler

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