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Matan is a self-development and spiritual-growth coach, he can help you reconnect and fulfill your true potential in different areas of your life, especially relationships, career, parenting, and health.
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Matan Malavski

Your Career & Personal Growth Coach

More about Matan:

Matan is a multidisciplinary therapist, a cold exposure and bio-hacker, and an advocate for self-development & healthier life style.
He’s the founder of the Youman Potential & Parentools communities.
Born in Israel, served in the IDF as a commander for a frontline unit, living in China since 2009. Spend the last 10 years sharing his passion to contribute and help others through his free community’s webinars, various events, coaching, online programs and retreats.


TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Shiatsu, Massage, Reflexology, Silva Method, Reiki, Kabala, Numerology, First Aid, Ninjutsu instructor. Non certified courses: WHM, TRSI.


iRLS – Intimate relationships consultancy and online programs. Cold exposure and breathwork – Online programs. Mindset – Growth mindset coaching & activities. Fears & Limiting beliefs – Online programs & coaching. Time management & self-discipline –Consultancy and online programs Health and fitness – Free & paid consultancy & coaching. Planning events, summer camps and special activities for companies, organizations and parents.




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I got so much value working with Coach Oliver to design my International Career Strategy and finding job abroad.
Adam Sendler
After graduation, I quickly noticed, I cant figured i need help with Job search and the Oriental Career Team made it happen
Mila Kunis
I took 2 coaching session with Ryan, and I am impressed by the professionalism. I will recommend these coaches any day
Mike Sendler

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