Engage and Support 10X More Students with 80% Less Employee Time

We connect Fortune 1000 and startup teams with top emerging talents to solve real business problems through experiential learning, internships, and Industry insights

Meet & Connect With Your Future Talents at Scale

The traditional education system fails to prepare new talents ready for the workforce, resulting in long ramp-up and lost productivity. We Train incoming Professionals on skills they’ll need before they start.

Our Experiential Learning programs are transforming how the world’s largest brands Engage, impact and build trust among diverse talents.

Be Part of the Transformation Process

Make an Incredible Impact and Elevate Your Brand

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Impact Future Leaders

Reach and up-skill underrepresented communities through work-based learning experiences. Participate in Up-Skilling and Advancing Careers of returnee students who are bilingual or natives

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New Form of Employee Engagement

Launch a new form of high-impact volunteerism and mentorship for your team. Leverage the skills of your team to mentor underserved students Developed and maintain trust in the values and mission of your employer brand among your teams

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Elevate Your Brand in the Recruitment Pipeline

Let Your Company standout on top university campuses. Be among the most preferred brands when it comes to recruiting try level talents to fuel your corporate growth

Want to Expand Your Reach With Less Effort?

Startups and Fortune 1000’s serve 5X+ more students, on the Oriental Career Platform with  the same budget size.  Engage emerging talents from top Universities before your competitors. 

Existing Universities

Engage Students from these top Universities

Service Combination

We Support Recruitment Strategies of Top Brands. Bring Virtual, Personalized, and Modern Engagement solutions that saves you time, cost and energy. 

Opportunity Listings

List your Tasks, Internships, and Entry level opportunities and engage top talents, assess their capacities and fill your pipeline

Employer Branding

List your company profile, Join our virtual career sessions and introduce your brand to our community and contribute

Co-Training Engagements

Allocate your Staff to Mentorship engagements with targeted young professionals 

How We Help Our Partners

Alicia Watson

Founding Partner Women in Tech - Europe

For the past 6 months, we have worked with Oriental Career to drive up the career preparedness of our members, and the results were awesome. We increased engagement in our community and doubled placement rates


Career Training

Self Discovery

Oriental Career Platform helps your members discover their innate personalities and motivations

Career Exploration

Then They Proceed to explore related career pathways and create clarity on their approach.

Mentoring & strategizing

Users are matched with mentors who support their progress and connect them.

On Going support

With a Career Strategy, Job search plan and life goals at hand, we support your members anytime they need help.

Ready to Spice Up Your Recruitment Pipeline?

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Frequently Asked Questions

We work on different modules and approach. We are able to lay our current system on top of what you already have or seamlessly migrate the entire team to our platform. We also run our platform parallel to what you have with inter linking creating a great user experience for your students

Book a demo with our team, and we will analyze your current demands and lay out a strategy. 

Our prices vary depending on several factors thats why there is a need for the consultation stage. But it wont cost your school more than you can afford. We also have gradual rolling projects

Most resources are either inadequate or tech heavy that it defeats the purpose. We have simplified the tech involved by putting career experience first.

You can also count on all the tools your students ever need from career preparation, mentors, jobs, internships, events, courses etc all at one place. You can never get this solutions all on a single umbrella

For over a decade, we have served several institutions, students, communities and colleges. Our records and subsidiaries have years of dealing with career development of young people.

Our clients

Driving Talent Acquisition for leading brands