Career Design Strategy For Professionals

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About Course

If your work isn’t fulfilling, now is the time to change direction and design a life you love. This course is for people at any life stage who want a job they enjoy and a career aligned with their values. If you’re languishing at work or feel like quiet quitting is your only option, why not change careers and flourish professionally?

This Couse will guide you through the career design process from start to finish in 4-8 weeks. You will define what is important to you in life, discover your core strengths and values, sketch out several possible career paths, and learn authentic networking strategies to help you find your next professional opportunity. Along the way, you will learn insights from design thinking, positive psychology, and career coaching that will help you maintain a positive mindset and make progress with your job search. If you’re ready to change jobs and change your life, this is the course for you.

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What Will You Learn?

  • The difference between a job, a career, and a calling, and how to design a professional life that is meaningful and fulfilling.
  • How to use your strengths, values, skills, and beliefs as a guide to explore new career directions and decide which path to pursue next.
  • Authentic job search strategies that help you make important professional connections and find your next opportunity.

Course Content

Week 1 : Welcome & Foundations of Your Career
Should I follow my passion when choosing a career? What if I’m not up for it? And how do I make enough time to change careers when I’m busy with a full-time job or a family? This first module will answer these questions and orient you to the Career Design Lab. Learning Objectives Identify and reframe thoughts and beliefs that hold you back from creating the life and career you want Define the five elements of wellbeing and see how your current work affects your happiness, meaning, and how engaged you are Figure out your professional calling and differentiate a calling from a career or job Implement success skills and habits that will help you complete your career transition with ease

  • Who is this course for? (V)
  • How does this course work?
  • Meet Your Instructor -v
  • What brings you to this course?
  • ✍️ Get your Design Journal v
  • Reflection: Nature of Work is Changing
  • The Story of Three Bricklayers v
  • Job vs. Career vs. Calling
  • Overview of the course v
  • The Big Quit: Is it Time for a Change? v
  • Reflection: So you want a Calling?
  • What do we want out of work? v
  • ✍️ WellBeing Batteries Design Journal Activity
  • Where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep hunger – v
  • Should you follow your passion? v
  • Avoid the Pitfalls of “workism” v
  • Reflection: Managing Your Mind for Success
  • 🐒 Meet your Monkey Mind v
  • 🌈 “What if it’s too late?” (and other thoughts your brain likes)
  • What are your Monkey Mind’s ‘Greatest Hits’ ?
  • How to reframe: Shifting your focus v
  • ✍️ Design Journal Activity: Received Beliefs
  • Reflection: How to Succeed in your Career Design
  • You’re in the Driver’s Seat v
  • 🌈 Five Essential Career Design Habits
  • Which Habits do you Want to Work on? v
  • ⏰ Tips for Time Management v
  • wrap up & Further Reading

Week 2: Using Coherence as a Career Guide
Before you design a career you love, you need to know what you want. This week you’ll do lots of activities that help you write down what’s important to you in a concrete, specific way. You’ll discover your top strengths, virtues, and skills and write short statements about your life philosophy and what it means to do meaningful work. You’ll learn how to use this self-awareness as a “compass” that guides the rest of your career design process. Learning Objectives Clearly and succinctly share your top strengths, core virtues, transferable skills, guiding identities, and important beliefs Use the concept of “coherence” to design a professional life that is meaningful and fulfilling Seek out work activities that put you in “flow” or a state of total engagement Be happy by practicing gratefulness, even when you’re facing challenges

Week 3: defining Your Next Career Moves
What career paths are you considering? If you’re feeling stuck, how can you come up with creative new ideas? And once you have some great ideas, how should you decide which to pursue? This week you’ll get a crash course in design thinking and plan out three different professional paths you could take next. Then you’ll learn how to explore those paths through authentic conversations that help you decide what you want while building your professional network. Learning Objectives Think of new career ideas when you’re feeling stuck Create multiple versions of your five-year plan and use these to raise questions that guide your career research Use informational interviews to decide which career path you want to pursue next Initiate authentic networking conversations that are fun and help you make important professional connections Explain the basics of design thinking and apply this approach to designing your career

Week 4: Strategies for Getting a Job
Week 4 is about strategies for getting a job. This is the last module of the course and it’s packed with helpful strategies for succeeding at your job search. You’ll learn how long your job search should last, how to think like a hiring manager, tips for sites like LinkedIn, and how to approach resumes, interviewing, and salary negotiation like a career designer. At the end of Week 4 we’ll talk about staying focused on what matters and how to make hard choices. Learning Objectives Discern when you should shift your focus from exploring options to applying for jobs Identify effective job application strategies by thinking about the process from the perspective of employers and hiring managers Stay positive and focused on what’s important to you, especially when you are “in the weeds” with resumes, cover letters, interviews, and salary negotiation Apply a variety of approaches to confidently make hard choices about which path or job to pursue next

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