Workplace Wellbeing: Stress and Productivity at Work

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About Course

Build workplace stress management skills and learn work productivity techniques

The UK government, businesses, and public health organisations have all backed the case for improving productivity through improved wellbeing in the workplace.

This course draws on contemporary research and consultancy experience to explore how stress impacts workplace productivity and performance.

Firstly, you’ll consider the impact of technological advances on our work schedules. You’ll discover how remote and flexible working patterns may result in an inability to switch off from work and how this can increase work-related stress and prevent the rest and recovery required to stay productive.

Next, you’ll consider individual and organisational differences that may impact the stress-productivity relationship, like differing personalities, thinking styles, and group dynamics, and learn practical workplace productivity techniques.

What topics will you cover?

We will provide an overview of:

  • The Stress Response
  • The link between stress and productivity and performance in the Workplace
  • How individual factors (e.g., personality, leadership) change the stress-productivity relationship.
  • How the changing nature of the workplace (e.g., email, remote working) can impact the stress-productivity relationship.
  • Strategies for maintaining performance and productivity in the workplace.
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What Will You Learn?

  • What will you achieve?
  • By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...
  • Discuss how we respond psychologically and physiologically under conditions of stress
  • Investigate the conditions under which stress has a negative impact on productivity and performance
  • Explore the conditions under which stress can positively impact productivity and performance
  • Identify the individual and organisational factors which impact the stress-productivity relationship
  • Evaluate what strategies can help maintain performance and productivity in the workplace

Course Content

Week 1: Understanding stress and performance in the workplace-Introduction

  • 1.1 Welcome to the course
  • 1.2 Meet your educators
  • 1.3 Is stress an issue in your organisation?
  • 1.4 Stress and your organisation

Week 1: What is stress?

Week 1: Exploring the stress and performance link

Week 1: How individual factors change the stress-productivity relationship

Week 2: The changing workplace and the impact on stress and performance-Introduction

Week 2: Remote working

Week 2: Email

Week 2: Current research

Week 3: Strategies to manage stress and performance in the workplace-Introduction

Week 3: Perspective

Week 3: Transition

Week 3: Leadership – Stress – Performance

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