How to Get More Credit

Your Journey of Excellence: Ranks, Points, and Badges

Discover the path to distinction within our dynamic career community as you ascend through ranks, earn points, and unlock badges that reflect your growth and contributions. Your points can be used to purchase our services


37 Point Awards

  • Registration on Website – 20 points
  • Profile Completion @ 50% – 50 points
  • Profile Completion @ 75% – 100 points
  • Profile Completion @ 100% – 150 points
  • Start Following Somemone
  • Make a Friend
  • Community Posting in General News Feed
  • Daily Visits to Website
  • Point for replying to an activity post
  • Publish update in a Group
  • Create a New Topic in Forums
  • reply to a Topic
  • Introduction in Networking Group
  • Quiz Completion
  • 100 Points For Course Completion
  • Course Enrollment – 20 points
  • Purchased Premium – 250 points
  • Purchased Any item – 100 points
  • Moderator Promotion – 200 points
  • Earned Commission for Referral – 100 points
  • Added Profile avatar
  • Favorite Activity post
  • 15 Points for activated account 1 time
  • 5 Points for send an email invitation 1 time
  • 5 Points for register from email invitation 1 time
  • 25 Points for get an invited user registered 1 time
  • 5 Points for send a friendship request 1 time
  • 5 Points for accept a friendship request 1 time
  • Create a Group – 100 Points
  • 20 Points for Joining a Group
  • 10 Points – Invite someone into a group
  • Chatting and responding to private messages
  • 10 points for Opening a new Ticket (Agents)
  • 10 Points for opening a new ticket for Users
  • 50 points Applying for a Job
  • 100 Points – Get Hired on a Job
  • Comment on a Post – 6 points

3 Point Deductions

  • Spam Comment
  • Point for delete a reply 1 time
  • Unfavorite a topic


Rising Star

A Rising Star is a community member who has shown dedication and active engagement in their career development journey. They have begun making meaningful contributions, participating in discussions, and exploring the platform’s features. This badge acknowledges their commitment to growth and their potential to shine even brighter in the community.

Required Points: 500 Points

Career Navigator

A Career Navigator has ignited significant progress in their career journey and within the community. They consistently contribute valuable insights, actively mentor others, and take on leadership roles in discussions and events. This badge signifies their role as a catalyst for positive change, driving their own success and inspiring others to excel.

Required Points: 1000 Points

Career Catalyst

A Career catalyst has established a powerful presence within the community and the broader field of career development. They regularly share expert knowledge, host impactful events, and foster meaningful connections. Their contributions are recognized and valued, making them influential voices in shaping the community’s direction and empowering others.

Required Points: 2,000 Points

Pathway Explorer

A Pathway Explorer is a respected figure who has made an indelible mark on the community through extensive mentoring, coaching, and guidance. They have shown exceptional dedication to supporting others in their career journeys, consistently providing valuable advice, and positively impacting lives. This badge signifies their outstanding mentorship and leadership.

Points Required: 5,000 Points

Industry Influencer

An Industry Influencer is a true luminary in the community, with an exceptional track record of contributions, mentorship, and leadership. They have become an integral part of the community’s fabric, embodying the spirit of collaboration, growth, and inspiration. This badge symbolizes their legendary status and enduring impact on the community’s success.

Points Required: 10,000 Points

Talent Trailblazer

Description: The “Talent Trailblazer” badge is a testament to your exceptional journey and relentless commitment to our career community. Your accumulation of 20,000 points reflects your unwavering dedication, active engagement, and profound influence on the community’s growth.

Role: As a “Talent Trailblazer,” you’re a beacon of inspiration for fellow members. Your insights, contributions, and leadership have significantly shaped the community’s direction. Your expertise is valued, and your journey serves as a guiding light for others to follow.

Points Required: 20,000 Points

Career Guru

Description: The “Career Guru” badge signifies your unparalleled mastery, extraordinary contributions, and profound impact within our career community. Accumulating 50,000 points showcases your steadfast commitment to continuous growth, mentorship, and leadership.

Role: As a “Career Guru,” you’re a revered figure within the community. Your expertise is sought after, and your insights are regarded as invaluable. You’ve created a legacy of knowledge-sharing, mentoring, and elevating the career trajectories of countless members. Your presence enriches the community’s ethos.
Points Required: 20,000 Points

Achievements & Badges

How to Use Your Points.

  • Unlocking Achievements and Badges:
  • Leveling Up and Advancing Ranks
  • Redeeming Rewards and Prizes:
  • Participation in Special Events.
  • Featured Spotlight
  • Discounts on Career Services
  • VIP Networking Opportunities
  • Access to Exclusive Content
  • Peer Mentoring Program:
  • Community Challenges and Contests: