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“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” — Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

A Famous Scientist who lived His Potentials

Its Unique Just as You

After 10 years of working in the Early Career Development Industry, We decided to create an immersive approach to Job search that helps you get help at any stage of your Early Careers

What's Broken?

Whether you attended Harvard, Yale, Peking, other top universities or An Unpopular one Located in a small City, You Deserve a Better Career Support - One that prioritize your Unique Journey

While Providing Early Career Support to Students from  Partner University Clients, Oriental Career’s founders Joanna, Anthony and Elliot discovered the glaring inequality in career opportunities for students and Young Professionals. We found out the Career Development Progress is Lonely and plagued with inadequate support and expensive solutions.

Believing that community Approach had the potential to bridge this opportunity gap, we built the foundations of Oriental Career. Our Community brings together All the Tools you will ever need from Courses, Training Events, Seasoned Coaches, Jobs and above all a solid support system. We took the ideas and interviewed several past clients and students from over 100 Universities.

Oriental Career was created to ensure that all college students irrespective of where they are, the universities they attended, have equal access to meaningful career support services that are readily available. 

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We Made it Easy and Simple

We are making the Career experience process unique to you. You are exceptional and we acknowledge that without prejudice. Find the right resources to augment your experience.

People Who Really care

Our Coaches, mentors, Experts and Consultants are ready to meet, network and genuinely help you achieve your goals. All you need to do is reach out

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Our Jobs, Courses, Mentoring and related systems are designed to help you no matter where you are. You can access them via web, mobile or other medium

Your career Center

You have combination of all the tools you need to enjoy a real career experience. A dedicated Staff always standing by to help you at any stage of your experience

Supportive & Affordable

You don't get it very affordable as we have on Oriental Career. We take care of preparing you for job search, helping you network and find Jobs

Focused on Greater Good

After over a decade of helping Young Professionals in their career development agenda, we realized how hard it was to advance in your career alone. It is obvious University Career Centers and Other Professional services today just aren’t effective, at keeping up with the speed of Changes in the Job market. We noticed with our experiences, we can change that – Welcome Oriental Career.
COVID-19 Support Available
To ensure the safety of all our Cherished Clients, we have designed COVID resources to help you know when jobs are remote, require vaccination. We have also increased remote jobs.

Invest in yourself

It was beyond all my expectations. I got 4 offers which I couldn't have gotten by myself. And it all happened so quickly! What helped a lot was, well, your advice on everything.
Nettie Farmer
I've had my fair share of job search experiences and this is BY FAR the best one yet. I hadn't realized how much more I could improve my interview skills, CV, Linkedin, etc. but Placement went above and beyond my expectations.
Cristina Riley
Oriental Career made it easy to identify opportunities through their portal to streamline the application process. If you are looking to make a professional change, definitely check them out
Marlene Sullivan

Meet Our Staff

Our able staff have at least 6 years of experience in the career development industry and have worked with Several Universities.

Conrad Zhang (Ex Amazon)

Anthony Steward (Ex Vodafone)

Irene Gonzales

Irene Gonzales (Ex Visa)

Joanna Zhang (Ex China Mobile)

Featured Mentors

There are over 200 Mentors and coaches from diverse fields. You can select as they fit your career journey

Tara Goodfellow,

MBA, CTACC - Microsoft

Ossian Heulin

Personal Branding, China Expat

Emily Liou

Fortune 500 Recruiter

Martin McGovern

Innovation Expert / Career Growth

Janine Jacob

Senior Coach + Ex HP

Sabrina Wang

Early career (China)


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