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Start your international career, Immerse yourself, and build a solid portfolio by working on industry projects posted by Real Companies. An Opportunity to get your foot in the door. Connect with companies of all shapes and sizes. Engage with large multi-nationals, local businesses, non-profits, governments and more!


How Graduates and Students Build Real SKills

Oriental Career brings industry and academia together, with real-world company projects. These Projects are from international companies, and innovative startups designed for students and Graduates to test their technical skills and build their portfolios.  Micro Internships can be completed as remote internships and offer opportunities for You to get your foot through the door

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Internship Sectors
With Great Prospects.

Are you ready to take the next step in your career journey? Our internship program offers valuable experiences across a range of dynamic sectors:

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IT & Engineering:

Unleash your potential in the ever-evolving world of technology and engineering. Gain hands-on experience, work on cutting-edge projects, and collaborate with experts in the field.

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Business, Finance & Marketing:

Dive into the heart of commerce and strategy. Join us to hone your business acumen, develop financial expertise, and master marketing techniques in a real-world setting.

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Non Profit:

Make a meaningful impact with organizations dedicated to social change. Contribute to important causes, learn from passionate leaders, and be part of a community focused on making the world a better place.

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Data Science:

Delve into the world of data and analytics. Work with complex datasets, derive meaningful insights, and play a pivotal role in shaping data-driven strategies.

With over 50 + sectors and career roles

Micro internship cordinators

All You need To Get Your Foot through the Door

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a future business leader, a data wizard, or someone passionate about creating positive change, our internship program has the perfect opportunity for you. Join us and set your career on an exciting trajectory. Apply now!

What You Get From Our Internship Programs

At Oriental Career, we believe in delivering tangible results. Our programs are meticulously designed to provide you with a transformative experience that yields real, impactful benefits. Here’s what you can expect to gain:

Elevate Your Leadership Potential:

Our specialized leadership trainings are designed to cultivate your innate leadership abilities and equip you with the skills to lead with confidence and impact.

Forge Meaningful Connections:

Our platform facilitates connections that go beyond just networking. Get personally recommended to industry leaders and peers who align with your career goals and aspirations.

Validate Your Expertise:

Upon successfully completing our program, you'll be awarded a globally recognized certificate, validating your proficiency and setting you apart in the competitive job market.

Track Your Growth Effortlessly:

Stay in the know with user-friendly progress reports. Monitor your development, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate your achievements every step of the way.

Expand Your Reach Across Borders:

Join a thriving global network of professionals and experts. Gain exposure to diverse perspectives and opportunities that transcend geographical boundaries.

Acquire In-Demand Skills:

Our programs are tailored to equip you with practical, industry-specific skills that are directly applicable to your chosen field. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest industry insights and techniques.

A Comprehensive Internship Support

Unique to Your Growth

The micro internship is designed to augment your learning process and tailored to enhance your personal  and professional growth

Self Paced Delivery

1000s of projects are displayed on our platform and you pick and choose those that correspond to your availability

Remote & International

Get international with your job search by working with companies located in different parts of the world. Its remote and convenient !

Build a Solid Portfolio

Your successfully completed projects can be used for applying to other full-time Internships or jobs and van be verified on our platform

Access our Courses

Aside from the micro internships, you also have access to our online courses, bootcamps and training that will accelerate your experience

Full Set of Resources

You get access to coaches, mentors, a community of like-minded students, and a full package of career tools. This is just the beginning

Stress-free career development

Easy Way to Grow Your Career

Prepare for the new world of work with relevant skills, experience working with international companies to solve real problems and launch your career in a grand style. You get to combine our innovative program with your studies no matter where you are

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Create a Profile

To access all these resources, you need to create a full profile with complete information for companies to know. who you are and expectations

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FIlter and Apply for Opportunities

After creating a profile, you can now browse mirco projects and internships available in your industry and apply. Companies will reach out to you in order to complete the process


Complete the Project & More

When you complete the project, companies will provide feedback and guide you to other internship or job opportunities. They also give you a review and approve work done which shows on your profile

Our raving fans

We’ve helped 150k+ Students and Graduates

Oriental Career Micro internship programs have supported several students from all parts of the world to transition from classroom to the real world of work

Adam Sendler



I was one of the first groups of students who took part in this program, and I am impressed. I have networked with more companies than ever and received lots of feedback that shaped my learning in college

Joshua William



Great Program, and kudos to Oriental Career for this innovative program. I worked with 3 other students from Asia to improve the user experience of a company’s mobile app and this is by far the best handson experience 

Georgina Scott

Costa Rica


This is a great international experience for me and my peers. We joined the program with our university professor to extend our curriculum into the real world. I will encourage students to take advantage of this program.

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What are Micro Internships?


Micro-internships are an experiential learning strategy, very short-term, professional assignments that are given to new students or fresh graduates and takes few hours to days to complete. These projects enable students and recent graduates to demonstrate skills, build portfolios, explore career paths, and build their networks into organizations both home and abroad as they seek the right full-time role. It can be taken as part of a curriculum or remotely in a team with a feedback and support system

You ask, we answer

Here are a few frequently asked questions from our community, but you can reach out to us if you have any questions about how to use this program to your utmost benefit

As outlined above, you create a profile, apply for posted opportunities and when selected, you complete the micro project, earn points or progress to the next level

Companies have their own pace of work so we encourage you to keep an eye on the deadlines at least 2 months ahead of your expected start date

Our Micro internships are free for all but you can join other programs like bootcamps, paid membership programs and training sessions for upskilling

Able to speak fluent English or the language indicated on the project. 

Currently for University students, Graduates or career changers. We intend to make it available for all in the future

Able to speak fluent English or the language indicated on the project. 

Currently for University students, Graduates or career changers. We intend to make it available for all in the future

At [Program Name], we believe in delivering tangible results. Our programs are meticulously designed to provide you with a transformative experience that yields real, impactful benefits. Here’s what you can expect to gain:

  1. Expert Guidance: Our seasoned mentors and instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. You’ll receive personalized guidance tailored to your unique aspirations and goals.

  2. Skill Mastery: We focus on practical, hands-on learning. Expect to acquire a valuable skill set that’s not only relevant but immediately applicable in your chosen field.

  3. Industry Insights: Gain a deep understanding of your industry from the inside out. Our programs provide you with invaluable insights that can give you a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced world.

  4. Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse community of like-minded individuals, instructors, and professionals. Forge lasting relationships that can open doors to exciting career prospects.

  5. Confidence and Empowerment: As you progress through our programs, you’ll witness your confidence soar. You’ll feel equipped and empowered to take on new challenges and excel in your chosen domain.

  6. Certification and Recognition: Upon successful completion, you’ll earn a prestigious certification that showcases your expertise. This credential is a testament to your dedication and proficiency.

  7. Access to Exclusive Resources: Enjoy unrestricted access to a wealth of resources, from industry reports to exclusive webinars, that further enrich your learning experience.

Don’t settle for mediocrity. Elevate your skills and career prospects with [Program Name]. Join us today and embark on a transformative journey towards success!

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