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Our Point Systems

Embark on your career journey with our comprehensive point system, designed to recognize and reward every step you take towards your professional goals. As you engage, connect, and progress within our community, you’ll earn points that reflect your commitment, growth, and impact. Beyond accomplishments, the system values your involvement, making each interaction meaningful. Uncover surprises and secret points along the way, adding excitement to your experience. 

The Grand Order of Ranks in the Career Universe

Embark on a journey from Padawan to Grand Master as you accumulate points, evolving from a “Rising Star” with 500 points to a “Career Guru” with 50,000 points, each rank mirroring your growth from a Jedi Initiate to a revered Grand Master, shaping your destiny and guiding others along the path of enlightenment in the realm of career development.

Rising Star - Padwan

A promising Padawan who, with 500 points, lights the path of growth and camaraderie among our community's apprentices.

Career Navigator - Jedi Initiate

Embark on the path of a Jedi Initiate with 1000 points, guiding fellow members through the galaxy of career possibilities.

Career Catalyst – Jedi Acolyte

Step into the role of a Jedi Acolyte, wielding 2000 points to ignite change and inspire progress among our ranks.

Pathway Explorer – Knight

As a Knight with 5000 points, become a guardian of pathways, leading our members towards enlightenment in their careers.

Industry Influencer – Master

Ascend to the rank of Master with 10,000 points, using your wisdom to shape the industry and guide our community to success.

Talent Trailblazer - Council Member

Attain the esteemed rank of Council Member with 20,000 points, and become a trailblazer in harnessing talents and shaping destinies.

Career Guru - Grand Master

Achieve the pinnacle of mastery, the Grand Master, with 50,000 points, embodying wisdom and leadership that guide our community to career enlightenment.

Partnership Pathway

If you make it this far, we support your transition become a partner. Get trained for free to become a coach or tutor and earn more income

Make an Impact and Earn

Turn Your Interactions into Cash

The point system amplifies the significance of your journey, offering opportunities, rewards, and recognition that mirror your progress. Join us in accumulating points, seizing opportunities, and letting your journey unfold with purpose and determination. 

How to Gain More Points

Community Engagements

Create a profile, daily logins, make new friends, post updates, share what you know and grow your following. Every engagement attract points and benefits

Skill Acquisitions and Learning

Learn new skills, pass quizzes, complete assisgmements, join bootcamps, events and masterclasses to be awarded generou points toward your journey

Leadership and Help

Be there when needed answer questions, form groups, lead others and connect the community to external resources.

Innovative Contributions

The Growth of oriental career is so relevant to you that you go all along to provide innovative recommendations and active in the community

Some Point Generating Ideas

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Enhance your profile to 100%
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Add new Friends
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Post Status Updates
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Complete Challenges
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Login very often
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Attend Events and Seminars
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Complete Certifications
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Lead a group as a moderator
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Recommend Friends
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Join Groups
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Be active!
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Connect the Community

How to Use My Points

Unlocking Achievements and Badges:

As you accumulate points, you can unlock various achievements and badges, showcasing your progress and expertise within the community. Each badge badge and point gets you closer to prestigious offers

Leveling Up and Advancing Ranks:

Points can be tied to the community's ranks and levels, allowing users to progress through the ranks as they accumulate more points. Each rank can come with additional privileges, such as access to exclusive resources, priority invitations to events, or the ability to manage special interest groups.

Redeeming Rewards for Prizes & cash:

Users can redeem their points for tangible rewards or exclusive opportunities like cash rewards. These rewards could include access to premium career development courses, one-on-one mentoring sessions with industry experts, or career coaching sessions.

Participation in Special Events:

Users with a certain number of points could be given priority or exclusive invitations to special events, workshops, or webinars hosted by industry leaders and career influencers.

Featured Spotlight:

Members with high point scores could be featured in a monthly spotlight section on the community's website or newsletter, giving them visibility and recognition for employment etc

Discounts on Career Services:

Points can be converted into cash to purchase career-related services such as resume reviews, interview coaching, or access to job boards, and networking opportunities

VIP Networking Opportunities:

Users with significant point scores can be invited to VIP networking events where they can connect with industry leaders, potential employers, or like-minded professionals.

Access to Exclusive Content:

High-scoring members can gain access to premium content, e-books, or specialized career guides that are not available to other community members.

Peer Mentoring Program:

Users with high points can be invited to participate in a peer mentoring program, where they can be mentored by experts

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