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The Practical Approach

As Young professionals and Career changers, launching your career by testing out different industries or even getting your foot in the door can be challenging. Even more complicated, especially without having prior experience. That’s where bootcamps,  Micro-Internships, Internships, and Short term experiences come in to help. These programs and projects are open to all college students, fresh graduates, and Career Changers. Our platform offers training and placements into notable firms ranging from innovative startups, International companies to large enterprises. You’ll have the opportunity to work in different roles and company cultures from around the world. You will have the chance to arrange your work according to your availability.  Most projects on Oriental Career lead to full-time internships or Jobs. 

How it Works

Create an Account & Update Your Details

To get started, you need to create an account, complete your profile to at least 80%. It makes it easier for networking

Search and Find Training Bootcamps and Courses

Our Database of Open Courses, Bootcamps and Training events will equip you with the right skills to start working on projects

Find Micro Internships and other Fulltime Jobs

Once you’re selected, work directly with the company to exceed their expectations as it could lead to a full-time role.

These Tools are at Your Disposal

We Bring Virtual, Personalized, and Modern Career Support to Young Professionals and Career Changers. 

Find a Mentor

At a click of a button, you will find an expert in your industry waiting to support your career gowth.

Upgrade Your Skills

Join our Trainings, Events, bootcamps and listed Courses from our network of partners and top universities.

Jobs and Internships

Apply for jobs and internships from top organizations. It’s easy for you to track applications and connect with recruiters

Personalized Dashboards

Join one of the fastest-growing communities of Young Professionals and Job Seekers. Get help, linkup and have fun

Virtual Career Center

Our Career Center is equipped to help you navigate career challengers. We made it easy get help.

Keep up with Industry

We keep you updated on new technologies, industry news and reports that relate to your industry so you are on top of issues

Need Career help?

We have a dedicated team of career experts, mentors, and coaching are standing by to help you make the next critical move. 

Career Training

Self Discovery

Oriental Career Platform helps your members discover their innate personalities and motivations

Career Exploration

Then They Proceed to explore related career pathways and create clarity on their approach.

Mentoring & strategizing

Users are matched with mentors who support their progress and connect them.

On Going support

With a Career Strategy, Job search plan and life goals at hand, we support your members anytime they need help.

3 (1)
Emily Guo — “Our year group benefitted a lot from exposure to the oriental platform. They helped us plot our job search strategy.”
2 (2)
Tom Burns — “I had access to international resources and tools that helped me land a job in Singapore.”
Jake Rodriguez — “The simplicity of the platform made it very simple for me to compare all my options get mentoring .”
David Anderson — “The value proposition of the oriental platform brought me all in one Career support center .”

Our Team of Coaches

Tara Goodfellow,

MBA, CTACC - Microsoft

Ossian Heulin

Personal Branding, China Expat

Emily Liou

Fortune 500 Recruiter

Martin McGovern

Innovation Expert / Career Growth

Janine Jacob

Senior Coach + Ex HP

Sabrina Wang

Early career (China)

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Frequently Asked Questions

We work on different modules and approach. We are able to lay our current system on top of what you already have or seamlessly migrate the entire team to our platform. We also run our platform parallel to what you have with inter linking creating a great user experience for your students

Book a demo with our team, and we will analyze your current demands and lay out a strategy. 

Our prices vary depending on several factors thats why there is a need for the consultation stage. But it wont cost your school more than you can afford. We also have gradual rolling projects

Most resources are either inadequate or tech heavy that it defeats the purpose. We have simplified the tech involved by putting career experience first.

You can also count on all the tools your students ever need from career preparation, mentors, jobs, internships, events, courses etc all at one place. You can never get this solutions all on a single umbrella

For over a decade, we have served several institutions, students, communities and colleges. Our records and subsidiaries have years of dealing with career development of young people.

Our Bootcamp & Training Programs

This is a 6-week intensive career Bootcamp for Young Professionals and Career Changers to launch their career in grandstyle. Check out the details


Short-term projects targeted at Young professionals to work with international companies and innovative startups and acquire real skills.


This is one of our flagship programs to help you start a career in Data science. We combine training, projects and internships to prepare you ahead.