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Our case studies exhibit how we tailor our solutions to meet clients’ distinct requirements, delivering excellent results that demonstrate our capabilities.

They feature project goals, approach, and outcomes with client feedback. Our aim is to encourage you on how we can assist you in achieving your career objectives and achieve success.

I found Oriental Career’s LinkedIn profile review to be incredibly beneficial. They helped me optimize my profile and leverage the platform for networking and job opportunities. The 6 Weeks Career Bootcamp and company profiles on their platform were also great assets.

Allan Wong
University of Worcester

Oriental Career’s job search consulting was top-notch. They provided me with personalized strategies and tips that helped me secure multiple job offers. The mentorship program and online course they offer were additional resources that accelerated my career development.

Celine Arnold
Financial Consultant Natixis

case studies from previous participants

I can’t recommend Oriental Career’s 6 Weeks Career Bootcamp enough. It covers all the essential aspects of career development and equips you with the skills to succeed. The mentorship program and job search consulting were additional services that made my journey smoother.

Betty Simons
Amazon (Entry level)

“I purchase the LinkedIn profile review and it is the best so far. They helped me optimize my profile and leverage the platform for networking and job opportunities. The Career Consulting Service and company networks offered me access to some relevant and key people that contributed to my growth.

Reginald B.
Graduate Student (UCLA)

Oriental Career’s resume review service helped me create a compelling resume that caught the attention of employers. The mentorship program provided guidance and support, making my career transition smoother. The online course and job search consulting were fantastic resources as well.

John Coffie
Tata Consulting Group 

The mentorship program offered by Oriental Career was a game-changer for me. My mentor provided valuable insights and guidance, helping me make informed career decisions. The social media platform and events they organize were excellent networking opportunities.

Destiny Moore
Hugo (HR Assistant)

Video Case Studies

I highly recommend this program to upcoming young people who want to launch their career the right way for the first time.

Emily Cruz STUDENT

I joined Oriental Career’s Professional Development Program to revive my my Knowledge in Communication Science …. I acquired Business Development Skills

Hannah Kim Curriculum Designer – Hong Kong

I joined the Career Development Program Organized by Oriental Career and was placed in a Digital Marketing role. I learned so much including how to drive traffic ….

Kaela Sarai Ph.D. Candidate

Honestly, I believe this is the best experience I could have gotten in order to understand the concept of the job as well as what it is like to work in an office.

Fiorella Acuna STUDENT

Our Members Say

Oriental Career’s job search consulting was a lifesaver for me. They provided invaluable advice and strategies that helped me navigate the competitive job market successfully. I particularly liked the The resume review and online courses .

Arishi Ghalore
Intern (PWC)

I highly recommend Oriental Career’s 6 Weeks Career Bootcamp. It covers all aspects of career development and equips you with the necessary skills to succeed in the job market. The online course and company profiles on their platform were also very helpful resources.

Khadija Olives
Associate Business Development Manager (

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Career Consulting

Our experienced consultants are committed to delivering the highest level of service to help you succeed in the competitive job market.

Job Search Strategy

Our job search strategy puts you in the driving seat of your next job search project. Get all the resources you need to conquer the next job search

Resume / CV

Our team is skilled and ready to rewrite your resume for job search success. We understand the task can be daunting, but we have extensive experience and know what employers look for.

LinkedIn Review

We help you establish a strong professional online presence. An adequately optimized LinkedIn profile make your your job search and networking easy as breeze 

Interview Prep

Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to helping you develop and refine your interview skills including mock interviews, feedback and guidance, and strategies for overcoming common interview challenges.

Cover Letter

Our experts will analyze your writing style, grammar, formatting, structure, and the overall content to ensure that your cover letter stands out from the rest. Don’t let a poorly written cover letter hinder your chances of landing a dream job.