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Add Value to Your Members

We Support Professional Development of Your Community. Bring Virtual, Personalized, and Modern Career Support to All Your Members. 

Customized for You

Get Your own customized Groups that links your members to their career pathways. With dedicated support 

The Secret Sauce

We give you access to our research-backed futuristic courses that give your members a competitive advantage

Personal Assessments

Map Members’ interests, goals, personalities to potential career options and industries for them to explore

Personalized Dashboards

Your members will get their own accounts, access to a wider community of resources. They have tools to plan their career and Mentors to support their growth

International Work Experience

Your Members will get international, Virtual and in-person work experiences from top employers around the globe. They also connect with professional recruiters and HR Managers

Industry Data and Insights

The Career Journey is sweetened with industry research data, insights and predictions to help your members make informed decisions.

How We Help Your Members

1 Career Paths
2 Role Models
3 Integrated Carriculum
4 Professional Experience
5 Virtual career Fair
Career Paths

Real World Advice for 100s of Career Paths

Our interactive career profiles are compiled from various Labor bureau around the world and informational interviews. It is designed to engage and generate interest of your members directing them toward the right career pathways.

The platform displays gamified graphs, videos, information sessions hosted by successful professionals from top companies

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Real World Advice for 100s of Career Paths
Role Models

Relatable Successful Professionals

Your dedicated career platform showcase your alumni stories in series of videos, and information sessions. 

Our proprietary in-house content generated by professionals and successful Senior Managers are available for your members to watch learn from. 

Our Mentoring system gives rear access to your members. They Connect with these experts and get mentored on their career Journey 

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Relatable Successful Professionals
Integrated Carriculum

Link All Courses to Career Pathway

With the Oriental Career Platform, community, university, college or boot camp will link every little aspect of your courses to an identifiable career pathway. 

Your undecided members then get the right resources to make a decision and also access to real world experience

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Link All Courses to Career Pathway
Professional Experience

Virtual, International or Local Experiences

Your Members get access to the job and internship opportunities professionally sourced from local and international Companies. 

They get access to a dedicated source of support and experience matching process that engages, tracks and restores confidence in their career growth trajectory

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Virtual, International or Local Experiences
Virtual career Fair

Real Time Networking with Hiring Managers + Career Fair

With minimal participation from your staff, the Oriental Career Team organizes career fairs and networking session with Recruiters and Hiring Managers. 

An exclusive access that makes job search and internship applications easier with guaranteed success. 

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Real Time Networking with Hiring Managers  + Career Fair

Alicia Watson

Founding Partner Women in Tech - Europe

For the past 6 months, we have worked with Oriental Career to drive up the career preparedness of our members, and the results were awesome. We increased engagement in our community and doubled placement rates

How We Help Your Team

Save time, Effort & Stay Current

Oriental For Communities and Associations saves your staff time and energy. Our team are specialist with deeper insights and connections into various industries. Our research team collaborate with various research houses to identify industry demands, skill changes and we build these into the experience in advance

Easy Set up + Full Service

We have streamlined our operations to save your staff time. We deal with the setup, maintenance and ongoing support. There are 24/7 access and dedicated technical and professional staff to fix any issues that may arise. 

Analytics and Security

You dont need guesswork to understand how your members are using the platform. We have embedded analytics, and sound data practices to aid your oversight. Quizzes, and psychometric tests help you make meaning of the career journey of your members.

Tap into Pool of Resources

We make available the right resources, connections to your staff. From templates, company contacts, industry experts and more than you can access as an individual institution.

Career Training

Self Discovery

Oriental Career Platform helps your members discover their innate personalities and motivations

Career Exploration

Then They Proceed to explore related career pathways and create clarity on their approach.

Mentoring & strategizing

Users are matched with mentors who support their progress and connect them.

On Going support

With a Career Strategy, Job search plan and life goals at hand, we support your members anytime they need help.

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Emily Guo — “Our year group benefitted a lot from exposure to the oriental platform. They helped us plot our job search strategy.”
2 (2)
Tom Burns — “I had access to international resources and tools that helped me land a job in Singapore.”
Jake Rodriguez — “The simplicity of the platform made it very simple for me to compare all my options get mentoring .”
David Anderson — “The value proposition of the oriental platform brought me all in one Career support center .”

Ready to Accellerate the career Readiness of Your Members?

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Frequently Asked Questions

We work on different modules and approach. We are able to lay our current system on top of what you already have or seamlessly migrate the entire team to our platform. We also run our platform parallel to what you have with inter linking creating a great user experience for your students

Book a demo with our team, and we will analyze your current demands and lay out a strategy. 

Our prices vary depending on several factors thats why there is a need for the consultation stage. But it wont cost your school more than you can afford. We also have gradual rolling projects

Most resources are either inadequate or tech heavy that it defeats the purpose. We have simplified the tech involved by putting career experience first.

You can also count on all the tools your students ever need from career preparation, mentors, jobs, internships, events, courses etc all at one place. You can never get this solutions all on a single umbrella

For over a decade, we have served several institutions, students, communities and colleges. Our records and subsidiaries have years of dealing with career development of young people.