Become the Brilliant, Passionate You

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About Course

This course is an interdisciplinary look at how we can make each day the best day of our lives by examining the question, “How can you be your most brilliant, passionate self?” You will be joined on this journey by our animated host, Lewis!

You will envision your “perfect day” and then slowly deconstruct the elements of that day to better understand key elements such as finding your purpose, defining success, mental and physical health, the importance of community, and navigating risks and challenges. In addition, you will hear stories from a diverse array of individuals, including students, doctors, teachers, professional storytellers, professional athletes, coaches, and others sharing their own journeys, communities, and sources of inspiration. Finally, you will participate in the What’s Your Purpose? Project, utilizing storytelling techniques to share your own purpose and inspire other members of this global learning community to pursue theirs.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Reflect on the best moments of your life and describe connections between those moments.
  • Describe the personal qualities that represent your best self
  • Articulate what growth mindset and mindful compassion are and how they support self-improvement
  • Create a life purpose statement based on your best self and values

Course Content

Week 1: The Best Day of My Life
In this module, you'll envision the best day of your life. This will be the basis for all of the individual elements we examine in the course.Learning Objectives Reflect on the best moments of your life Write a letter describing what the best day of your life is like Describe relationships between the best moments of your life

  • 1.1 The Brilliant, Passionate You(video)
  • 1.2 Course Overview
  • 1.3 Help us learn more about you!
  • 1.4 The Best Day of My Life(video)
  • 1.5 Imagine
  • 1.6 Becoming Your Brilliant Passionate Self(video)
  • 1.7 “Picturing the Best Day of Your Life” – A Letter from Lewis(attachement)
  • 1.8 Share Your Best Day
  • 1.9 Welcome to Week 1, Lesson 2
  • 1.10 My Best Day, with Dr. Okanlami(video)
  • 1.11 My Best Day, with Professor Sankaran(video)
  • 1.12 Being the Best Version of Yourself, with Aaron Gougis(video)
  • 1.13 A Brief Introduction to the Gamut Workbook

Week 2: What Do You Want To Be Known for on Earth
This module will help you identify your purpose and define personal success.Learning Objectives Define what a life purpose means Describe the personal qualities that represent your best self Describe what you value in life Create a life purpose statement based on your best self and personal values Explain the process of self-affirmation

Week 3: Feeling Your Best Self
This module explores the importance of physical and mental health in order to be your best self.Learning Objectives Describe why physical and mental health are important for achieving your life's purpose Identify and describe lifestyle changes for improved physical and mental health Record daily energy levels and consider factors contributing towards low daily energy Identify strategies for maintaining a healthy sleep schedule

Week 4: Building a Brilliant, Passionate Community
In this module, we'll explore the importance of a strong community connection and learn about the GIVE model.Learning Objectives Apply the GIVE model and strength spotting as a way of conceptualizing positive communities Recall and identify aspects of the GIVE model and strength spotting Define what a community is

Week 5: Navigating Challenges and Risks When Leading a Passionate Life
In Module 5, we'll explore the strategies for developing grit, managing risk, and asking for help.Learning Objectives Identify the three conditions of the Flourishing Triangle framework Identify a support network using the flourishing triangle framework Define "grit" Recognize the potential risks associated with grit Relate the Flourishing Triangle to the concepts of grit and reciprocity

Week 6: Empowering a Passionate World
In this last module, you will learn about reflection and storytelling, and share your own story with other learners in the course!Learning Objectives Develop your own story to share with the world Understand how storytelling can incite empathy Describe the five Cs of reflection Describe how stories can develop empathy with an audience Identify important aspects of a story, including antagonist, protagonist, storyteller, and audience Describe how stories can change to best align with an audience

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