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Crushing your Competition: Competitive Strategies to Make your Business Stand Out

Discover how to make your business stand out and how to get ahead with your competitive strategy with this course from Ken Burke.
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Last Updated:2022-06-30
Course level:Intermediate
Course Duration: 10h

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Course Content

11 sections • 28 lecture • 7h 33m total length

About Course

Discover how to make your business stand out and how to get ahead with your competitive strategy with this course from Ken Burke.
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What You will learn

  • By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...
  • Define and segment your competition
  • Develop your competitive advantage
  • Present your business idea to potential investors via a competitive matrix

Course Curriculum / Content

Week 1: Defining and Segmenting Your Competition

  • Welcome to Crushing the Competition
  • Meet the Intructor
  • What it means to define and segment competition (Video)
  • Indirect Competition (V)
  • Wallet Share (V)
  • The Competitive Binder (V)
  • You MUST have competition (V)
  • Too much competition? (V)
  • Nutrition Bar Market Case Study (V)
  • Define and Segment Your Competition Worksheet (V)
  • Let’s Discuss
  • Congratulations on Completing Week 1

Week 2: Build a Compelling Competitive Matrix

WEEK 3 Create a Unique Competitive Advantage

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  • Excel or Google Sheets would be helpful to use for this course but is not essential.
  • The course contains a significant amount of video content.
  • A decent internet traffic can stream this course

Target Audience

  • This course is designed for entrepreneurs who already own a business or are looking to start one.
  • You will also find it useful if you’re a business owner or executive wanting to position your business effectively with competitive analysis. Students considering future career prospects in business or marketing will also benefit from this course.

Material Includes

  • Video Instructions
  • handbooks
  • External Resources
  • Discussions and Assignments


Learn how to improve the positioning of your business via competitive strategies

This informative three-week course will teach you all that you need to know in order to make sure your business stands out in the modern world.

You’ll find out how to iterate, how to improve your advantage against competitors via competitor research, and how to get ahead with your competitive strategy.

Learn how to do effective competitor research and analysis

A major focus of this course will be finding out where your competitors are weak, therefore accentuating where your business can be strong.

You’ll do this by effectively researching your competition and defining your own competitive landscape.

Create a competitive advantage for your business and learn about positioning your business

You’ll create your own competitive advantage with regard to your own business, and will then be able to create a competitive matrix that will push you into the number one position against all your competitors via competitor analysis.

You’ll do this by learning powerful techniques to gain insight from your competitors, and also by discovering what investors demand you know in order to raise capital for your business.

Learn from Ken Burke, an entrepreneurial expert in the high-tech industry

You’ll be under the guidance of Ken Burke throughout; a serial entrepreneur who founded EntrepreneurNOW! Network in order to bring together entrepreneurs from around the world to learn and grow from each other.

He has over 25 years’ worth of experience and recently sold his eCommerce software company – which generated 2 billion in online sales per year – for $100 million.

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